Episode 102 – The State of Independence with McLean Robbins of MBO Partners

Today we are joined by a returning guest, McLean Robbins, who is the Vice President of Enterprise Marketing at MBO Partners. 

MBO Partners is an organization that helps connect over 70,000 independent consultants with enterprise clients and helps the independent consultant succeed as a business owner. 

For the past 12 years, McLean and her team at MBO Partners have conducted an annual study called the State of Independence. It is the longest and deepest dive into the American independent workforce. 

McLean previously joined us on EP. 040 The State of Independence with McLean Robbins to share insights that she gathered through the 2021 State of Independence study and she’s graciously returning to share with us the most recent study results, along with her perspective, so you can stand out in your consulting business, have more autonomy, and ultimately make the impact that you want to be making. 

There’s so much to be gleaned from the research that McLean is about to share with us so grab a notebook to take some notes because she shares actionable information to help you stand out and engage with your ideal enterprise clients. 

  • [00:28] Intro
  • [04:36] Meet McLean Robbins
  • [06:05] What is the State of Independent
  • [07:36] Why IC’s are feeling more secure in their business
  • [09:44] Three major trends that are changing the way IC’s landing new work
  • [12:14] Recommendations for using marketplace channel or online platforms to acquire new work
  • [16:44] Recommendation for how to stand out as an IC 
  • [21:38] Advice for reskilling 
  • [25:23] A review of McLean’s IC Business (Lily Pod Luxury Travel) 
  • [28:59] Why you should never be content in your business
  • [31:23] Current trends around Teaming
  • [33:00] How to successfully find people to team with
  • [35:25] Advice for growing your IC business over the next 12 months
  • [43:2] How Enterprise buyers are currently hiring and engaging with independent consultants
  • [48:10] How to connect with out guest, McLean Robbins 


McLean Robbins, Vice President of enterprise marketing at MBO Partners + Owner at Lily Pod Luxury Travel

Lily Pond Luxury Travel – https://www.lilypondluxury.com/ 

LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/mcleanrobbins/

MBO Partners – https://www.mbopartners.com/meet-the-team/mclean-robbins/

State of Independence Study – https://www.mbopartners.com/state-of-independence/ 



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