️Episode 106 – Selling Follow-On Consulting Work

Today we’re talking about making more money in your consulting business. 

Clients will often come to you thinking they need your help with a particular problem. But as an expert, you may be able to see other problems or a larger issue that they’ve completely overlooked. One of the ways that you can offer additional help is by selling follow-on consulting work.

This is not an extension of your current engagement. Selling follow-on work to your existing clients is an area of opportunity for most independent consultants to create an intentional process to sell work to your existing clients that is often overlooked, ignored, maybe even avoided. And I want to help you to not fall into that same pattern so that you can make making more money in your business easier for you.

Listen in as I walk you through what follow-on consulting work really means, five strategies that you can use to incorporate follow-on work into your business development process and then I’ll give you a specific tool that will help you put this into action. 

Key points in this episode

  • [00:29] The focus of today’s conversation  
  • [03:16] Take the Independent Consultant Pricing Assessment
  • [04:34] Today’s agenda 
  • [05:35] Follow-on work defined
  • [08:06] Fine tuning your mindset to set yourself up for success
    • [08:10] Most Consultant
      • Ignore the opportunity for follow on work
      • Wait until it’s too late
      • Leaving opportunities and money on the table
      • Overlook the value of having a foot in the door
      • Rule out follow-on work because you initially landed deal through a 3rd party
    • [10:22] Mindset to adapt for you to be successful
      • Intentionally thinking about your follow-on engagements
        • Strategic about the overall landscape
        • Intentionally thinking  about rules of engagement if you’ve been a sub or thru 3rd party
          • Apply to the entire client globally and all business units forever?
      • Think like a farmer
      • Land and expand
  • [16:06] Strategies for selling follow-on work
    • [16:12] What the strategies are NOT
    • [17:20] The five strategies for selling follow-on work
      • Purposefully decide if you want to continue working with this client
      • Recurring touchpoints (e.g. QBRs)
      • Ask for introductions to other parts of the business-new business units, subsidiaries, vendors
      • Get involved with strategy and budget-setting type work
      • Continuously find ways to sell your value before, during, and after your engagement, leverage the case studies
  • [27:22] The one tool to put this formula into action
  • [30:00] Next step to put this episode in to action



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