Episode 165 – Get In Front of More Decision-Makers to Increase Your Consulting Sales Close Rate

Are you, like many independent consultants, wondering how to effectively reach decision-makers who have authority and budget to pay for your services?

Are you worried about “wasting your time” by talking to people who don’t have the authority to engage your consulting services?

In episode 165, Melisa Liberman dives into the strategies for getting in front of decision-makers at your ideal consulting clients and offers strategies to avoid common pitfalls that slow down your consulting sales process.

Why Focus on Decision Makers Anyway?

It’s more complex than it appears. Melisa explains that hastily pursuing decision-makers without a strategic approach can lead you to overlook opportunities to build consensus and buy-in with the people who will influence the ultimate decision and success of your engagement.

Common Blockers and How to Overcome Them.

A significant challenge many consultants face is falling into the ‘premature efficiency’ trap, where there’s a rush to achieve efficiency without a solid foundation in relationship development. 

Melisa highlights how this approach can restrict progress, especially when consultants do not have enough inbound opportunities or a deep understanding of their market position. She offers techniques to broaden the engagement scope beyond direct decision-makers to include influential figures within organizations who can advocate for your services.

Strategic Entry Points for Engagement.

Melisa advises that merely targeting high-level contacts is insufficient. Consultants need to develop strategies that make their interactions appealing and valuable. 

She provides practical examples, such as how to initiate insightful conversations, leverage mutual connections, and create engaging content. These methods help position consultants as peers and experts, shifting the dynamics in their favor and increasing the chances of gaining access to crucial decision-makers.

Crafting Compelling Narratives.

Melisa stresses the significance of self-perception and mindset as you’re approaching with potential clients. She underscores the importance of viewing oneself as an equal to industry leaders, changing how potential clients perceive and interact with consultants. 

This episode is rich with actionable advice aimed at refining consultants’ approaches to getting in front of decision-makers. Whether struggling to make meaningful connections or seeking to improve existing strategies, Melisa’s insights provide a roadmap for confidently and effectively navigating the complexities of consulting business development.


  • [00:01:21] – Importance of Decision Makers: Melisa discusses why it’s crucial to get in front of decision-makers and, surprisingly, why it might sometimes be beneficial to hold back from focusing solely on them.
  • [00:02:05] – Common Blockers: Melisa discusses typical obstacles preventing consultants from reaching decision-makers and introduces prerequisites for effective engagement.
  • [00:05:18] – Companion Resource: Melisa mentions the companion book, particularly Chapter 9, which focuses on enhancing consultants’ lead generation systems.
  • [00:06:08] – Exploring Reasons to Engage Decision Makers: Melisa explains why engaging with decision-makers is pivotal for efficient business development and the potential drawbacks if not approached thoughtfully.
  • [00:08:14] – Risks of Prematurely Targeting Decision Makers: She warns against the haste to meet decision-makers without building a proper foundation, terming it “premature efficiency.”
  • [00:18:20] – Self-Perception in Professional Interactions: Melisa shares insight on how consultants should view themselves as peers to decision-makers, influencing their approach and effectiveness in business development.
  • [00:22:00] – Practical Strategies for Engagement: Melisa provides real-life examples of strategies that have successfully helped consultants engage with decision-makers and influencers.
  • [00:29:39]—Creative Approaches to Engage Decision Makers: Melisa encourages creative approaches to engage decision-makers, including a motivational challenge involving a hypothetical million-dollar reward for securing a meeting.



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