Episode 167 – Being Wrong About Not Needing To Work On Your Mindset

Are you focusing so much on strategy and tactics that you’re overlooking the real game-changer in your consulting business success?

In Episode 167 of “Grow Your Independent Consulting Business,” Melisa Liberman addresses a common misconception that could be holding back your consulting business: the belief that mindset work is a nice-to-have for you as an independent consultant.

Melisa invites listeners to explore how deeply mindset influences all aspects of business, from client interactions to personal goal setting, and why even the most strategic consultants can’t afford to ignore it.

Often, potential clients are eager for Melisa’s strategic guidance yet hesitant about diving into mindset coaching. They often express a desire to focus solely on business strategies to achieve their goals. However, Melisa points out that as the consulting relationship progresses, mindset issues almost invariably arise and play a crucial role in the consultant’s success or setbacks. This revelation sets the stage for a deeper discussion on why mindset is not just an optional coaching element but a fundamental aspect of sustainable business practices.

Melisa emphasizes that mindset work is not about fixing something that is broken but about unlocking a more profound potential within oneself. She challenges listeners to consider how underlying beliefs and attitudes about their capabilities and worth are shaping their business outcomes. Without addressing these foundational beliefs, even the most well-crafted strategies can fall short of their potential.

Melisa shares highlights from consultants who initially resisted mindset work but discovered its value through transformative experiences that reshaped their approach to business. These narratives not only underscore the importance of mindset in consulting but also demonstrate its impact in real-world scenarios, making the case that mindset and strategy are inextricably linked.

Melisa also tackles the misconception that mindset work is purely about maintaining a positive attitude. She clarifies that effective mindset work involves a nuanced understanding of how one’s thoughts, emotions, and beliefs influence business decisions and client relationships. By adjusting these elements, consultants can enhance their professional presence and effectiveness.

This episode is rich with actionable advice, including how to recognize when your mindset might be limiting your growth and specific steps to realign your thoughts to support your business goals. Melisa encourages consultants to conduct a self-assessment to identify areas where their current mindset could be refined to better support their business objectives.

Embrace mindset work not as a remedial task but as a powerful strategy to enhance your consulting practice. Melisa invites business consultants to consider how changing their internal narrative could open up new levels of success that were previously unimaginable.

Tune in to Episode 167 to discover why mastering your mindset could be the most strategic move you make in your consulting career.


  • [00:01:17] – Introduction to the Mindset Misconception: Melisa introduces the common oversight many consultants make – dismissing the need for mindset work.
  • [00:03:31] – The Inevitability of Mindset Challenges: Discussion on how mindset issues often emerge during consultancy, impacting the implementation of business strategies.
  • [00:05:54] – Defining Mindset: Melisa provides a detailed explanation of what mindset encompasses and why it’s crucial for consultants.
  • [00:08:15] – Types of Mindset for Consultants: Exploration of different mindset orientations among consultants and how these perspectives affect their business outcomes.
  • [00:10:37] – Real-life Impact of Mindset on Business Goals: Melisa dives deep into a case study illustrating the transformative power of a positive mindset shift.
  • [00:13:05] – Misconceptions About Mindset Work: Clarification that mindset work is not merely about being optimistic but about fundamentally understanding and altering one’s perspective towards business challenges.


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