Episode 168 – A Tool to Optimize How You Spend Your Time as an Independent Consultant

In this episode, Melisa Liberman discusses the challenges independent consultants face when it comes to managing their time effectively. 

She introduces a powerful tool to optimize time management by asking the question, “Are you optimizing a system that shouldn’t exist?” 

Melisa shares real-life examples of consultants who have reimagined their business practices and freed up time by questioning and reevaluating existing systems. By taking a step back and considering whether certain systems, such as writing proposals, lead generation, or client delivery, are necessary, consultants can make their time more impactful and achieve work-life balance.

Key Takeaways:

  • Time management is a significant challenge for independent consultants who juggle multiple roles and responsibilities in their business.
  • Before trying to optimize time management, consultants should ask themselves if they are optimizing a system that shouldn’t exist.
  • Melisa shared three examples to put this time management tool into action:
    • Writing proposals can be a time-consuming and frustrating process. Consultants can consider alternatives, such as sending a simple email instead of a formal proposal or having clients write proposals to work with them.
    • Lead generation can feel overwhelming, but consultants should question if their current lead generation system is necessary. They can explore alternatives, such as building relationships with key partners or letting clients come to them through channels.
    • Client delivery processes should be reevaluated to determine if they are necessary or if there are more efficient approaches. Consultants can consider changing their engagement models, eliminating unnecessary meetings, or reimagining deliverables.

Notable Quotes:

  • “Are you optimizing a system that shouldn’t exist?” 
  • “Sometimes the answer to the challenge with proposals is not optimizing the process, but rethinking the need for proposals altogether.” 
  • “Lead generation doesn’t have to be a complex system. Sometimes it’s about building relationships and letting clients come to you.” 
  • “Question everything within your client delivery pillar and rethink and re-imagine to benefit both you and the client.” 
  • “By asking the question, ‘Are you optimizing a system that shouldn’t exist?’ you can approach your business in a completely different way and free up time.”
0:02Strategies for Independent Consultants to Achieve Consistent Bookings
0:58Optimizing Time Management for Independent Consultants
2:49Questioning the Validity of Existing Business Systems
4:04Maximizing Time Management for Independent Consultants
7:42Balancing Business Management and Client Delivery
9:48Questioning the Necessity of Your Business Systems
12:15Rethinking the Necessity of Writing Proposals
16:29Rethinking Lead Generation in Independent Consulting
18:51Revolutionizing Lead Generation Through Strategic Channel Partnerships
20:35Rethinking Client Delivery Systems in Consulting
25:19Optimizing Time Management in Business
27:39Optimizing Your Independent Consulting Business



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