Episode 170 – Being Ghosted as an Independent Consultant

Episode Summary:

In this episode of the Grow Your Independent Consulting Business podcast, Melisa addresses a challenge many independent consultants face but rarely discuss openly—being ghosted by potential clients. 

If you’ve ever felt the frustration and confusion of silence after a seemingly positive prospective client interaction, this episode is a must-listen.

Melisa dives deep into understanding why ghosting happens in the first place, shattering some common misconceptions. 

Is it you? Did you do something wrong? Or is there something deeper at play?

Key Takeaways:

1. Ghosting can take a significant mental and emotional toll on consultants, leading to self-doubt and wasted energy trying to determine why it happened.

2. Melisa emphasizes the importance of protecting one’s mental and emotional well-being, suggesting that worrying about why ghosting occurred is often unproductive.

3. She introduces the concept of normalizing the waiting game in business, helping consultants to manage expectations and reduce stress.

4. Practical strategies are offered to mitigate the occurrence of ghosting, including setting clear next steps and asking questions about potential roadblocks during client interactions.

5. Melisa talks about the influence of establishing a “ghosting protocol” to handle these situations effectively and maintain professional resilience.

Notable Quotes:

– “The cost of worrying about being ghosted is higher than you think.”

– “Assume that the person is busy, not that you’ve done something wrong.”

– “Redirect your thoughts like you would distract a toddler from a noisy toy.”

– “Creating a ghosting protocol lets you define and control the situation instead of letting it control you.”

Don’t let the mystery of ghosting derail your consulting business. Tune in to uncover Melisa’s strategies to not only handle being ghosted but to actively reduce its occurrence by improving your follow-up processes and protecting your mental well-being. Listen to the episode to gain full insight into each of these strategies and start taking control of your consulting engagements today.


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