Episode 173 – How to Launch a Consulting Business in 10 Steps (PART 1)

Episode Summary:

In this episode, Melisa Liberman dives into the first 6 of 10 critical steps essential to launching a successful independent consulting business. 

This first part of the two-part series addresses the initial foundational steps, emphasizing the importance of mindset, goal-setting, and essential business preparations. Melisa breaks down common hurdles and misconceptions that new consultants often face, providing insights on how to navigate these challenges effectively.

Key Takeaways:

– Having a Success-Oriented Mindset Matters

– Clear Financial Goals

– Establishing Business Basics

– Create a Minimum Viable Service Offering 

– Creating Marketing Essentials

Notable Quotes:

– “Decide that you are going to succeed, fully commit to your consulting business, and don’t entertain other opportunities.”

– “Setting financial goals isn’t just about the money; it’s about creating a business that aligns with your lifestyle and personal fulfillment.”

– “Don’t rush to invest in a website or CRM systems initially; focus on what will actually lead to acquiring clients.”

– “Creating a minimum viable service offering is crucial—focus on solving specific problems for your ideal clients.”

– “Start with simple marketing tools. A one-pager and a strong LinkedIn profile can go a long way in establishing your consulting business.”

Tune in to this episode to uncover the essential steps and insights that will help you navigate the early stages of your consulting business, setting a firm foundation for success. Whether you’re launching for the first time or relaunching to optimize your business, these insights will pave the way for a smoother journey. 

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📚 Key Episode Milestones

00:00 Optimize your independent consulting business for success.

03:07 Competitive nature acknowledged, podcast remains top focus.

06:13 Episode offers practical advice for consulting business.

11:17 Resisted career change despite frequent recruiter calls.

12:43 Step one: Decide to succeed, plan ahead.

18:11 Ensure business basics and proper legal structure.

21:10 Create a website using Wix or Canva.

23:29 CRM and website as delaying productivity tactics.

27:29 Started by doing anything, learned from mistakes.

28:30 Communication varies based on the audience.

34:02 Podcast episode: subscribe, review, visit website for resources.

34:41 See you next week.


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