Episode 174 – How to Launch a Consulting Business in 10 Steps (PART 2)

Episode Summary:

In this episode, Melisa Liberman dives into the myriad challenges independent consultants face when balancing the dual tasks of client delivery and running their business. 

From managing existing consulting clients to securing new ones, Melisa reveals the common obstacles consultants encounter and how they can overcome them to achieve a thriving, sustainable business. She emphasizes the importance of shifting one’s mindset from being purely a service provider to seeing oneself as a flourishing business owner.

Key Takeaways:

  • Operating a Business vs. Client Delivery: Independent consultants struggle to allocate time and mental energy between managing their business and fulfilling client obligations, often leading to burnout or stalled business growth.
  • Avoid Missed Opportunities: Thinking of oneself solely as a service provider rather than a business owner can lead to missed opportunities and stunted income growth. Melisa explains how this mindset shift is crucial for problem-solving, confident pricing, and effective specialization.
  • Value-Driven Client Engagement: Building a client base often feels complex and daunting. Melisa breaks down the essentials of meeting potential clients and adding value through thoughtful questions, resources, and actionable next steps.
  • Qualifying and Landing Clients: Transitioning from client meetings to successful engagements involves understanding client needs, decision-makers, and writing compelling proposals. Melisa highlights the experimental nature of this process and the importance of quality lead generation.

Notable Quotes:

  • “Balancing the demands of client work with running your business is essential for sustained growth, but it’s no easy feat.”
  • “Thinking of yourself as a business owner transforms how you solve problems and position your services.”
  • “Adding value doesn’t have to be complicated; sometimes it’s as simple as asking the right questions and listening carefully.”
  • “The journey of landing clients is about experimentation—trying new approaches, refining your proposals, and understanding each client’s unique needs.”

Tune in to this episode to uncover how you can navigate these challenges and emerge with a stronger, more predictable consulting business. Melisa’s personal stories and expert advice offer a roadmap for both new and seasoned consultants striving for success.

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📚 Key Episode Milestones

00:00 Introduction

03:41 Download extra resources, avoid startup mistakes, simple agenda.

09:54 Meeting people, adding value, proposing the next step.

13:54 Prepare, understand, target, and fine-tune proposal process.

16:23 Focus on creating leads for business success.

18:58 Manage client work and own business effectively.

22:12 Strategic thinking for successful business growth.

28:34 Importance of mindset and specialization in consulting.

31:07 Continuous focus on self-improvement for business success.


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