️Episode 109 – 3 Ways to Make $500k In Your Independent Consulting Business

A success benchmark for most independent consultants is to make more money than you would have made if you’d stayed in corporate.

For you, that goal could be to make $500k in your independent consulting business.

You might be far away from that goal, past it, or in between a $200k and $300k range, and you want to get to the next step in your business. 

If so, this episode is for you!

No matter where you are, what I will be sharing with you today is very relevant to your business in the sense of how to think about the business, how to make more money and what that path looks like. 

Listen in as I share

  • Three tangible examples that describe how to generate $500k in your independent consulting business
  • Five specific enablers you’ll need to put into place so you hit the $500k mark
  • Two specific ways that you can put this episode into action

Key points in this episode

  • [03:36] An intro to today’s topic
  • [04:53] Today’s Agenda 
  • [06:17] How to leave a Rating and Review for this podcast
  • [08:42] 3 real-life examples to make this very tangible + bring this to life for you
    • [10:00] A flow
    • [14:02] One big client as a pillar + smaller engagements
    • [16:00] Recurring client work
  • [20:58] The 5 specific enablers so you can put this into action
    • [21:35] Ask yourself how could I?
    • [24:06] Decouple time from money
    • [25:21] Adopt a mindset of it’s possible for me
    • [28:21] Figure out who you’ll need to become to make $500k
    • [29:53] Set & commit to a clear goal ($500k process)
  • [31:50] Episode recap
  • [32:40] Next steps to put this episode into action
    • Check out the examples below
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