️Episode 139 – What To Do When You Don’t Have Time For Lead Generation For Your Consulting Business

Many independent consultants find themselves in situations where they are swamped with client work or personal responsibilities. This often leads to neglecting lead generation, which can result in a feast-or-famine cycle in their business.

In this episode, Melisa helps you address this issue and establish a more consistent and effective lead generation routine, even during busy periods. 

It’s no surprise that you need a healthy consulting pipeline to have a successful consulting business.  But so many consultants fall into this trap anyway,  neglecting lead generation, which can lead to a scarcity of work, missed revenue targets, or the need to accept lower-paying opportunities due to a dry pipeline.

To overcoming the challenge of not having time for lead generation, Melisa provides a three-step plan:

  • Create An Intentional Lead Generation Plan: Start with short daily time intervals, such as 15 to 20 minutes, and have a specific goal for each session.
  • Anticipate Blockers And Build Strategies To Overcome Them: Plan how to handle interruptions, self-negotiations, and justifications. Be prepared for these obstacles and have a plan to counter them.
  • Evaluate And Iterate: Continuously assess your lead generation process, mindset, and strategies. Make necessary adjustments and keep testing to create an effective routine.


  • [00:42] Update on Melisa’s book
  • [02:22] Episode agenda
  • [04:20] Two companion resources to support you with lead generation
    • Lead Gen in 30 minutes a day – RAMMethod.com
    • Strategy Call – consultMelisa.com
  • [08:31] What I mean by not having time for lead generation, why it can be a hidden problem in your business and a case study
  • [16:20] But Melisa
  • [20:29] Three-step formula to redirect
  1. Intentional Plan – plan how you’ll use that time​
  • Who you’ll contact​
  • Ideal outcome 
  1. Anticipate blockers & build strategies to overcome them​ – plan ahead for disruption  and self-negotiation.​
  • How will you handle it when something else is trying to take the lead gen spot?​

– Example: Allow 5-minute interruption followed by what can I do now? (as opposed to how don’t I have enough time)?​

  • How will you handle it when you’re trying to negotiate with yourself to do something else?​

– Example: This won’t matter vs.​

– It’s about habit-building not about the lead gen right now​

  • Feeling rushed/time won’t be well-spent​

– What can I do in the next 5 minutes?​

– How is it possible that all I need is 5 minutes?

  1. Evaluate And Iterate- I didn’t complete my lead gen for the day/week.​ Ask yourself…
    • Why?​
    • What excuse could I have been making?​
    • How could I have avoided XYZ from taking precedence
  • [31:26] Next steps to put this into action
    • Make an intentional plan​
    • Plan ahead for roadblocks, obstacles, and self-negotiation​
    • Evaluate, iterate until it becomes an effective habit
    • Download the Lead Gen in 30 minutes a day resource at RAMMethod.com
    • Book a Strategy Call – consultMelisa.com


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