️Episode 141 – Leveraging AI In Consulting With Robert Reich

In this episode, Melisa introduces Robert Reich, an entrepreneurial executive and AI strategist.  Having crossed paths in a Future Of Work Forum, Melisa was inspired by Robert’s AI for Executives course, which led to this compelling conversation. 

As a seasoned consultant, Robert reflects on his entrepreneurial journey and shares lessons learned, emphasizing the significance of preparation for the inevitable ups and downs of consulting. 

The discussion also touches on the evolving role of consultants in helping organizations leverage AI to address staffing challenges and for 10x improvement in productivity and the future of consulting.

Join the conversation and embrace curiosity as Robert and Melisa navigate the evolving landscape of AI in consulting and how it can unlock new possibilities for consultants.

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  • [00:29] Meet our guest, Robert Reich 
  • [01:07] Robert shares his background
  • [03:11] A bit about Robert’s Entrepreneurial Mindset Course at University of Colorado at Boulder
  • [04:58] Some of the key takeaways from teaching the Entrepreneurial Mindset Course for those starting business 
  • [07:53] The opportunity cost when your constantly chasing the new thing
  • [09:31] Melisa’s comfort zone
  • [09:44] Robert’s comfort zone
  • [11:49] AI in Enterprise clients
  • [18:11] Consulting approaches to AI implementation
  • [20:36] AI challenges and opportunities for consultants
  • [21:46] Voice interfaces and the evolving role of technology
  • [33:13] Recommendations for consultants on leveraging AI in their service offerings
  • [36:22] Robert’s biggest lesson as an IC business owner
    • Preparation for the dynamic nature of the consulting industry.
    • Building a reputation by positioning oneself as an expert.
    • The role of public platforms like podcasts and blogs.
  • [42:00] Invitation to get curious and explore AI collaboratively and foster a community of knowledge-sharing
  • [45:27] Next steps to put this into action


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