Episode 155 – Choosing the Best Strategy for Your Stage of Business Growth

There are endless strategies you can adopt to grow your consulting business. Reconciling your business goals with external pressures, client needs, and personal ambition is challenging, and many consultants forget to pause and consider whether their current strategy aligns with the stage their business is in. 

In this episode, Melisa emphasizes the need to harmonize your business strategy with the trajectory of your business growth. Delving into the consequences of misalignment, such as wasted time, unnecessary expenses, and overlooked opportunities, Melisa draws from client experiences to illustrate the tangible effects of misguided strategy choices. The episode concludes with a pragmatic four-step framework, equipping consultants with the tools to make well-informed decisions as they finalize their business strategy.

Whether you are frustrated by current results or apprehensive about the potential repercussions of change, this episode serves as an empowering guide to achieving success as an independent consultant. Tune in for actionable advice and invaluable perspectives to refine your business strategy and accelerate growth.


  • [01:20] Thank you
  • [04:20] Personal update
  • [06:00] Episode agenda
  • [08:05] Companion resources
  • [10:50] What Melisa means by picking the right strategy
    • [12:00] Example
  • [13:52]What is the impact of mismatching your strategy?
  • [15:35] Situation #1 – Your strategy is too advanced for where you are
    • [15:47] Example: Using LinkedIn to grow pipeline prematurely
    • [18:10] Example: Rushing into retainer pricing 
    • [19:35] Example: Overcomplicating a launch plan
    • [23:28] Example: Dedicating time for thought-leadership without an established audience
  • [26:32] Situation #2- Your strategy is less advanced than where you are
    • [26:42] How to recognize if you are doing this
    • [27:28] Example: Haven’t clarified your niche or specialization
    • [28:21] Example: Hesitant to change pricing
  • [28:55] Why this happens – fear of uncertainty
  • [32:26] What to do instead
    • [32:43] Step 1: Get clear on where you are at
    • [33:10] Step 2: Get clear on your goal 
    • [34:14] Step 3: Choose a strategy to accomplish the goal
      • [35:15] Due diligence – business owner questions
    • [37:00] Step 4: Test, adjust, and reevaluate


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