️Episode 058 – Consulting Margins

As business owners, we’ve pretty much established a consistent routine to review our business goals to enhance our business margins. Usually, this decision of what to prioritize is based on the time available after client work and business development are taken care of. This results in you having essentially the same experience that you had as an employee. 

Here’s the thing, when you’re making decisions as Independent Consultants from the perspective of a business owner, it’s important to intentionally determine what you want instead of inadvertently recreating what you did in corporate. 

In addition to making decisions based on financial metrics only, it’s important to consider your life margin perspective as well. This perspective allows you to really figure out how you want to live and what that looks like and then figure out how your business and your consulting work fit into that. Not the other way around.

In this episode, we’re going to focus on the consulting life margin. 
I explain to you what life margin is, how to align your business model to your life margin goals, and then I give you a detailed case study showing how this all comes together so you can put it in place in your own business. 

  • [00:49] Check out the IC Business Plan Assessment: https://www.icbizeval.com
  • [01:44] What are consulting margins 
  • [04:11] What is the consulting life margin
  • [09:48] How to align your IC business model to your consulting life margin
  • [14:47] How to put this concept into practice for your IC business 
  • [20:09] An end-to-end case study of applying the consulting life margin to your IC business



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