Episode 100 – The Mind of a Sales Genius with Brian Owens

In this episode, I interview one of my independent consultant clients and dear friend, Brian Owens, a current coaching client, former corporate colleague, and past consulting client.

This is a very special episode as it is the 100th of the podcast series. Brian is the perfect guest to sit down with during this milestone episode. I have known Brian for over 20 years and have worked with him as a corporate colleague, as a consultant for companies he was running, and as his coach. Brian is a successful serial entrepreneur and there’s so much to learn from his approach, dedication, and ingenuity. In this episode, we dive deep into the way he thinks about sales, selling, and himself in sales situations. 

Brian insists that success in selling is all about creating value for the customer and his unique perspective will influence how you grow your own consulting business. 

Listen in as Brian and Melisa discuss his strategies that have resulted in over $100 million dollars in services sales. You’ll be able to leverage so many of the techniques and thought processes Brian shares, to differentiate you and the way you approach sales for your independent consulting clients.

Brian shares 

  • Why he doesn’t call himself a sales person
  • How he thinks about sales and sellingHow he creates value for clients
  • Essential elements of his sales process and client engagement strategy
  • How to get past the gatekeeper and decision makers
  • and so much more.

Key points in this episode

  • [00:18] Celebrate a major milestone, Episode 100
  • [07:00] Meet our guest, Brian Owens
  • [07:11] Brian’s journey through executive and consultant roles
  • [08:14] Why he doesn’t call himself a sales person
  • [10:04] Learn about Melisa and Brian’s 20 year relationship as colleagues, friends, and coaching
  • [12:05] A sales challenge Brian is proud of overcoming
  • [13:12] The importance of having confidence in yourself and your sales team
  • [15:00] What gives sales people a bad name
  • [16:37] Why goal setting is important
  • [18:10] What is the critical component to building a pipeline as an independent consultant
  • [24:27] How accountability can shift the perspective people have about sales people
  • [28:03] The main thing that Brian and Melisa have in common that has shaped their success
  • [30:13] How he get past gatekeepers to speak with the decision maker
  • [36:06] The trigger points that prevented him from reaching his full sales potential
  • [39:19] Brian’s vision for investing in his business
  • [48:05] How a positive attitude translates to customers


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