Episode 101 – Personal Branding for Independent Consultants

As an independent consultant, you represent both yourself and your business.

Personal branding is usually defined as who you are, your mission, your values, and what makes you unique and distinct in your niche. Business branding, on the other hand, is usually defined by your assets, such as the logo, website, and social media handles. 

In this episode, I drill into personal branding for independent consultants. This topic is commonly misunderstood, misapplied, or overlooked by consultants, yet it’s an important foundational aspect for IC businesses. 

Today, we’re diving in so that you can

  • Stand out as a consultant
  • Become sought after for what you do
  • Lay your personal branding foundation (commonly overlooked)
  • The 5 Questions to ask yourself to define and refine your personal brand

I want to ensure that you’re laying this foundation so that you’ve got a solid personal brand and can make business development much easier for you and your business.

Key points in this episode

  • [00:36] An overview of today’s topic
  • [03:06] Check out my blog on Personal Branding For Consultants
  • [05:15] Check out EP. 076 Personal Branding for Consultants (& more) w/ Jennifer Lemmert
  • [04:57] Take the IC Business Scalability Scorecard
  • [05:45] Today’s agenda
  • [07:06] What is personal branding for consultants
  • [08:27] The foundational elements of personal branding and how it relates to you and your business 
  • [18:17] What gets overlook in personal branding
  • [18:24] What you want to be focusing on in personal branding
  • [19:06] Steps to put this personal branding into action for your business 
  • [22:11] The 5 question to ask yourself to refine your personal brand
    • 1.If I could be known for and sought after for anything I want, what would it be?
    • 2.What characteristics resonate most with my ideal clients?
    • 3.What 5 words describe the vibe (or energy) I want to exude?
    • 4.What pieces of my business development process can I adjust to reflect this brand?
    • 5.What pieces of my delivery approach can I adjust to reflect this brand?
  • [23:46] Three next steps to put this episode in to action



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