️Episode 114 -The Million Dollar Consulting Question

I am excited to share this powerful problem-solving tool with you so you can apply it to your consulting business. 

For most consultants, it’s easy to feel we’re out of control in our businesses. We feel at the mercy of clients to decide if they want to work with us or not and their internal approval processes.

The tool I share on this episode is a simple, yet powerful tool you can use to take back control in your independent consulting business.

It lets you control the type of clients you are working with, the kind of work you are doing, and how much you charge.

With the help of this tool, you will 

  • unlock creative ways to solve problems. 
  • create a sense of urgency, 
  • pinpoint excuses, and 
  • identify logistical and mental blockers you don’t even realize are running under the surface of your thinking.

My favorite thing about implementing this strategy is how versatile it is. You will use this tool to tackle any obstacle, block, or problem in your consulting business. 

It is truly a game-changer. 

I also provide three specific examples that show how to apply this tool in your business with the goal of:

  • Ramping up lead generation
  • Creating urgency around contract signings
  • Adjusting client pricing models to suit business needs

Listen in while I share why this tool is so incredibly powerful to solve challenges in your business.


  • [00:01:05] Tool To Help You Grow Your Business
  • [00:01:31] Episode Agenda
    • [00:01:33] Background on the tool
    • [00:01:40] What is the tool?
    • [00:01:46] 3 Specific examples where the tool was effective
    • [00:02:14] 5 Reasons to use the tool 
  • [00:02:25] What Is The Tool?
  • [00:02:40] My Experience With The Tool And How It Helped Me
  • [00:05:09] The Million Dollar Question
  • [00:08:25] Sub Questions To The Million Dollar Question
  • [00:09:14] Example 1: Million Dollar Question & Lead Generation
    • [00:10:46] Using the million dollar question to create 5 new leads
    • [00:11:58] Uncovering blocks/challenges in current process
  • [00:17:20] Example 2: Million Dollar Question & Closing The Deal
    • [00:17:46] Creating urgency with clients
    • [00:19:08] Unlocking Fears That Stop Progress
  • [00:21:49] Example 3: Million Dollar Question & Changing A Pricing Model
    • [00:22:56] Framing the question to new clients pricing
    • [00:26:32] Framing the question to existing client pricing
  • [00:28:42] Summary & 5 Reasons To Use The Million Dollar Question
    • [00:28:45] Problem solving
    • [00:28:46] Create a sense of urgency
    • [00:28:47] Flush out where you are committing vs. offering lip service
    • [00:28:48] Pinpoint excuses
    • [00:28:49] Identify blockers


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