️Episode 113 – Convert Speaking Opportunities Into Consulting Leads

This episode is part two of the series surrounding leveraging speaking engagements to build your consulting buyer pipeline.

Booking a speaking opportunity is the first step in starting a relationship with each audience member. 

You’ll want to capture the audience member’s contact information so you can build and nurture a relationship with them after the event. There’s an easy, scalable, and effective way to do this. I will share it with you on today’s podcast episode.

Creating this customer journey naturally helps foster a relationship that can evolve into an opportunity for consulting.  

In this episode, I give you a detailed strategy to convert scheduled speaking opportunities into viable consulting leads. 

Specifically, I explain the essential steps to build relationships with audience members through:

  • Providing value at a micro level
  • Encouraging listeners to volunteer their contact information
  • Leveraging technology to maintain an accurate email list
  • Implementing a lead conversion plan in time for your next speaking engagement.

Listen in as I share proven methods for converting speaking opportunities into consulting leads.

Key points in this episode:

  • [01:09] Recap of last week’s episode, EP. 112 – Land Speaking Opportunities to Grow Your Consulting Business
  • [02:48] Consulting lead defined
  • [03:59] Learn more about how to work with me at icyourway.com
  • [06:12] Today’s agenda
  • [06:43] Definitions
    • [06:43] What do I mean by “speaking”?
    • [08:30] What do I mean by “leads”?
  • [10:45] The basics of converting speaking opportunities into consulting clients
    • Speaking
    • Offer value in exchange for their name/email address 
    • Invite to next steps
  • [14:39] 3 examples of converting speaking opportunities into consulting clients
    • [15:25] Example #1
    • [17:33] Example #2 
    • [19:23] Example #3 
  • [21:05] A few tools to cultivate a relationship
    • Assessment, PDF, eBook
    • Monthly luncheon
    • Quarterly roundtable
  • [22:33] Things not to do
    • Offer presentation slides as a free download
    • Call to action to connect on LinkedIn
  • [24:12] Tools you can use to build your leads conversion ecosystem
  • [25:05] Three steps to put this strategy into action


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