Episode 118 – How To Get Powerful Testimonials From Your Consulting Clients

Today I share how to secure powerful client testimonials for your consulting business. 

Feedback from clients is crucial for growing your business. Testimonials and case studies serve as references for future business and offer an opportunity for both you and the consulting client to reflect on a completed project.

For many independent consultants, client testimonials aren’t prioritized on the to-do list. 

It is so easy to overlook or delay reaching out. The best way to create a bank of powerful testimonials is to create a standardized process that you commit to using after every project. 

There are so many ways to leverage testimonials:

You can use testimonials as an impactful marketing tool. 

Testimonials can be converted to case studies and references. 

Getting detailed and powerful testimonials is crucial if you want to grow your independent consulting business. 

So, if you’re ready to learn simple and effective methods to get consulting client testimonials, this episode is for you! Listen in while I share:

  • Why client testimonials matter
  • Four common blockers that are preventing you from asking for testimonials
  • Four best practices to get and use powerful client reviews

Tune in to learn why testimonials are important, what is getting in your way, and best practices to implement client reviews in your business.

Key points in this episode:

  • [02:50] Episode Agenda
  • [03:46] Accompanying resources for this episode
    • [03:50] List of standard client questions
      • How did you feel before working with me? What were the biggest issues you were facing?
      • What else have you tried to solve these issues? How did it go?
      • Were there any hesitations or concerns before making the decision to work with me/my firm?
      • What made you choose to work with me instead of other consultants or doing the work yourself?
      • How was your experience working with me?
      • What three specific benefits did you gain from your work together? What changed after working with me?
      • What type of person do you think would benefit most from my services?
      • If you wanted to recommend me to a peer or colleague, what would you say?
      • Is there anything else you’d like to add?
    • [04:28] Click here to view examples from my clients on my website 
  • [05:09] Why do client testimonials matter?
    • [06:18] 5 important reasons
      • [06:52] Look at your business from a long term perspective
      • [07:29] Amplify marketing and case studies
      • [08:08] Value to clients as a reference
      • [08:58] Insight from a client perspective
      • [09:36] Opportunity for clients to reflect on the impact of the project
  • [10:54] 4 common blockers preventing you from getting testimonials
    • [11:01] You completely dismiss it
      • [11:36] Questions to ask yourself to see the value in testimonials
    • [13:07] You don’t want to bother a client
    • [14:53] Fear of rejection
    • [17:15] Watch out for feelings of entitlement
  • [19:40] 4 best practices to secure testimonials
    • [19:50] Make it easy for clients
      • [21:10] Examples to offer clients
    • [23:18] Make it easy for your by standardizing the process
    • [26:10] Make client testimonials powerful
      • [26:23] Get general testimonials
      • [26:55] Consider how the client would fit into a case study
      • [27:38] Put yourself in the mind of similar buyers
      • [29:20] Balance how you would use the testimonial in the short and long term
    • [30:22] Put the testimonial into use as part of your standard operating procedure


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  • Read through examples of my testimonials here.


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