️Episode 117 – The Best Strategy To Get Your Foot In The Door At A New Consulting Client

Today I share the best strategy for getting your foot in the door at a new consulting client. 

Wherever you are in your business, this best practice is applicable. So whether you have a full roster, are already using a successful business development plan, or are just starting, this strategy is the missing piece that will create a positive shift in how you do business. 

Mastering this strategy means landing new clients without relying on anyone else but you. You don’t need a marketplace, recruiter, or past employer. This strategy gives you the flexibility to create the business you want without feeling depending on others.

When you implement this game-changing strategy, you will get your foot in the door at new clients, clients who need the type of work that fulfills you and is high-paying. 

If you’re ready to create a massive impact with your consulting business, this episode is for you. 

Listen while I share:

  • Why this consulting lead generation strategy matters 
  • What the strategy is 
  • Six benefits to implementing this lead generation strategy in your consulting business
  • Tangible examples you can use to implement this consulting lead generation strategy
  • Companion resources to help you succeed

Tune into today’s episode to learn the best strategy to get your foot in the door with new clients. 


  • [01:00] Behind the scenes update
  • [02:25] Overview of online class: AI For Executives
  • [04:34] Episode agenda
  • [07:00] Why this strategy matters
    • [07:20] You can have flexibility and more impact with your work
    • [09:00] Removes limitations and gives you more control over your business
  • [09:30] What is the strategy?
    • [09:35] Create a lead-in offer strategy
  • [10:45] 5 benefits of offering a low-cost, small-scale project
    • [10:50] Get your foot in the door
    • [11:00] Establish credibility with a new client
    • [11:30] Provide an example of the impact you will have
    • [11:50] Shorter sales cycle
    • [12:00] Repeatable process for get more clients
    • [12:30] Easier to get smaller projects approved
  • [13:11] 3 tangible examples of how to implement a lead-in offer
    • [13:24] Robert’s AI executive course
    • [17:10] Two-day facilitation or planning session for next year
    • [20:00] Transformation strategy workshop
  • [24:33] Companion resource for this strategy
  • [25:00] Get help from a coaching perspective
    • Reach out for help – consultMelisa.com


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