️Episode 120 – Using Retrospectives To Unlock Continuous Improvement in Your Independent Consulting Business

Today’s episode is about leveraging retrospectives to unlock continuous improvement to make your business more efficient and successful. 

I walk you through how to conduct retrospectives to identify areas for improvement and to make the most of all the time you spend on business development and other activities necessary to run your consulting business. 

I also share the process to identify and overcome obstacles and resistance you might be feeling about conducting retrospectives.

Often, retrospectives are one of the operational processes we recommend to our own clients and yet we overlook or avoid doing them ourselves. Rehashing a lost deal, missed opportunity, or poorly executed project can be overwhelming and highlight insecurities.

When you move beyond this resistance and avoidance, retrospectives are invaluable to landing ideal consulting clients.

During this episode, I share an entire the details you need to perform insightful, meaningful retrospectives including:

  • What is a retrospective?
  • Three indicators that signal a retrospective is needed
  • A client example story
  • Common objections and hesitations
  • The recipe for executing a compelling retrospective

Tune in to understand the importance of retrospectives for your independent consulting business and how to conduct one effectively.

Key points in this episode:

  • [05:05] Episode agenda
  • [07:30] What is a retrospective?
  • [9:43] 3 triggers that indicate a retro is needed
    • [09:50] Time-based (weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.)
    • [10:40] Skill building
    • [11:55] The end of a milestone, process, or project
  • [12:50] Client example
    • [10:45] Client indicators
      • [13:20] Client scenario
      • [15:50] Client takeaway
      • [18:40] Result
  • [20:25] Why retrospectives matter
    • [20:55] Investing in your business
    • [22:00] Continuous improvement
  • [21:45] But Melisa…common objections to retros
    • [22:50] Don’t have time
    • [25:20] You don’t want to feel bad
  • 24:35 Recipe for an effective retro
    • [24:50] Take 100% responsibility
    • [26:00] 5 Questions to ask yourself
      • [26:05] What went well?
      • [27:00] What are the root causes of what went well?
      • [27:25] What didn’t go well?
      • [27:47] What are the root causes of what didn’t go well?
      • [28:20] What will I change moving forward?


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  • Copy and paste this recipe for an effective retro process in your consulting business:
    • First, look at the scenario & take 100% responsibility so that you are addressing what you can control (not client factors or other external obstacles)
    • 5 questions to answer
      • What went well?
      • What are the root causes of what went well?
      • What didn’t go well?
      • What are the root causes of what didn’t go well?
      • What will I change moving forward?


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