Episode 121 – Four Tools For Consistent Consulting Lead Gen (Even When You’re Busy)

In this episode, I share four tools to help you create and maintain consistent lead generation for your consulting business. 

It’s the fourth installment in the series about tightening business operations and how to make bite-sized changes to get more predictable results. 

I know that lead generation is every independent consultant’s least favorite part of running a business. So I made this very simple for you to maintain consistency and grow your business even during busy times like the summer or when you’re deep into client delivery. 

During this episode, I share a fail-proof process to consistently generate consulting leads and grow the reputation of your independent consulting business. 

Key points I address include:

  • Why does consistent lead generation matter?
  • “But Melisa…” – top excuses keeping you from consistently generating leads
  • Four tools to create and maintain consistency
  • 3 resources to use in implementing the four consulting lead generation tools

Tune in to learn these tools 


  • [01:15] Melisa Update
    • [01:18] Laptop issues
    • [01:40] Albuquerque
  • [05:25] Episode agenda
  • [08:30] Why consistent lead generation matters
    • [08:40] Biggest challenge and regret of independent consultants
    • [10:10] Easy to push off with other priorities
    • [10:55] Create a position of strength in your business
    • [11:52] Make the most of your time, investments, and money
  • [14:11] But Melisa…
    • [14:15] I don’t have time
    • [17:08] I am already fully utilized & can’t take on new clients
      • [17:31] Networking & relationship building
  • [20:05] 4 tools to help become more consistent with lead generations
    • [20:16] Tool #1: Make a commitment to do it & know why you are doing it
    • [22:14] Tool #2: Put it in your calendar
      • [23:24] Stick to 30-minute blocks
    • [24:04] Tool #3: Create protocol to avoid skipping scheduled time
      • [24:25] Pick a time that works best for you
      • [25:10] Develop a protocol to override the inner voice telling you “no”
    • [28:00] Tool #4: Make it a no-brainer
      • [28:40] Eliminate in-the-moment decisions
      • [29:32] RAM Method
      • [29:57] Optimize CRM by prioritizing a list of people to contact
  • [33:10] Resource reminder
  • [33:35] Episode summary


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  • Read my article: Consulting Tools.
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