️Episode 122 – How to Elevate Your Consulting Sales Process To Command Higher Fees

In today’s episode, I share how to use value-based questioning to elevate your consulting sales process and command higher rates. 

Tune in to learn how to leverage these strategies and dial in your consulting sales process to add more value and impact for potential consulting clients. 

I address several aspects of the sales or consulting discovery call process in this episode. 

While the strategy is important, the main focus is on the mindset you’re using as you implement the strategy. 

By employing these tactics, you will ultimately exude more confidence and set yourself up to develop more impactful and tangible ROI-based consulting proposals that quantify the value of your work. 

Key points I cover include:

  • Shifting away from a fear-based mindset
  • Three tactics to build a foundational sales mindset
  • How to leverage a discovery call to your best advantage
  • Examples of value-based questions
  • Three ways to put this work into action

Tune in and learn how value-based questioning can elevate your sales call process and command higher pricing and consulting fees. 


  • [01:15] Broad scale impact of dialing in your sales process
  • [02:35] Personal reflection on tightening operations
  • [03:22] Melisa’s upcoming projects
  • [04:35] Episode agenda
  • [07:00] Avoiding a surface-level mindset
    • [07:15] Don’t want to waste client’s time
    • [07:33] Self-doubt
    • [08:42] Missed opportunity on discovery calls
  • [10:15] 3 strategies in building an effective foundational sales mindset
    • [10:35] #1: Quantifying value & overcoming surface-level questioning
    • [12:28] #2: Replace hesitancy with purposeful curiosity
    • [14:35] #3 Establishing permission to ask questions
  • [16:45] Value-based questions to create a productive discovery call
    • What are the success metrics for this engagement?
    • How are you thinking about the ROI for this engagement?
    • How does this engagement connect to this year‘s corporate goals?
    • How does this project tie to any cost savings goals?
    • What are the elements of the business case for this initiative?
    • What will it cost you if you don’t fix this problem?
    • What are the downstream impacts of this engagement in the short term and the long run?
    • Why is this a priority for the company?
    • Why now?
    • What KPIs do you currently track in this area?
    • What intangible benefits are you expecting, and how would you qualify those?
    • What intangible benefits are you expecting, and how would you qualify those?
    • If you had to narrow this engagement to the top 2 results, what would they be and why?
    • How could this work benefit your bonus this year? 
    • How does this engagement impact your own compensation? 
  • [25:07] 3 ways to put this work into action
    • [26:11] Get into a mindset routine
    • [26:58] Update your sales call process to include permissions
    • [27:22] Choose 3-5 specific questions to implement in the discovery process



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