️Episode 123 – A Simple Strategy to Revive The Relationships You’ve Neglected In Your Network

In today’s episode, I share a simple process to revive your network so that it can become a powerful tool to fuel your consulting business development.

It doesn’t matter why you have neglected relationships in your network. Whether you’ve neglected your network because of COVID or fell out of touch with people while staying laser-focused on client delivery, the reason is unimportant. It is possible to recover and strengthen those relationships. 

In this episode, I talk through common hesitations and thought processes that prevent independent consultants from reaching out to old contacts. 

And then, I outline a simple strategy to revive neglected relationships so your consulting business can reap the personal and business benefits of a robust network.

Specifically, today’s episode addresses how to revive neglected relationships in your network by explaining:

  • Why reviving your network is important
  • Results real clients have experienced by following this process
  • Steps to reinvigorate neglected relationships
  • How to cultivate a productive mindset
  • Five examples of common blockers

Tune in and learn why reviving neglected relationships in your network is essential and how to start the conversation. 


  • [04:00] Episode agenda
  • [05:20] Companion resource: Consultant Scalability Scorecard
  • [06:45] Why it is important to revive your network
    • [07:45] Explanation of the “breadcrumb effect”
    • [10:07] Results from real clients
      • [10:10] Example 1: A past client creates an introduction with a future client
      • [11:28] Example 2: Impact of a simple conversation with a neighbor
      • [12:43] Example 3: When conversations weren’t going anywhere
  • [16:00] How to revive your network
    • [16:11] Identify 10 people you want to reconnect with
    • [16:55] Cultivate a productive mindset
  • [18:00] The “3 D’s” of building a productive mindset
    • [19:30] Detect: be clear about what you are thinking about when contacting someone
    • [21:07] Debunk: how are my detect thoughts untrue
    • [21:16] Define: what is your true intention 
  • [21:55] 5 examples of common blockers
    • [22:10] #1: Feelings of guilt – “I should have stayed in touch.”
    • [26:00] #2: “They will think I just want something if I reach out now.”
    • [28:40] #3: “This conversation is going to be a waste of time.”
    • [32:30] #4: “It’s been so long that now this relationship is a lost cause.”
    • [35:30] #5: “If I reach out now they are going to think I am desperate or failing.”



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