️Episode 127 – Avoid the “Make It Work” Consulting Business Model

Today’s episode dives into the pitfalls of a “make-it-work” consulting business model. This is a challenge that comes up a lot for independent consultants because your job is to solve problems. 

You solve problems for a living, so no matter what the client requests, you’re someone who figures out how to do it. But just because you can make it work doesn’t mean you should. 

This topic is important because it will give you areas to consider so you can avoid burnout and streamline your business. The goal is to create a profitable independent consultant business that is simple to operate, creates significant value for your clients, and has major growth potential.

You’re operating with a “make-it-work” business model if you are making decisions on the fly, allowing exceptions for clients, and working in ways that do not align with your goals. 

In this episode, I highlight the following:

  • The definition of a make-it-work business model
  • Why this matters
  • Root causes of creating a make-it-work business model
  • What to do and how to move forward

Tune in to this week’s episode to learn how to avoid the pitfalls of a make-it-work business model and alternatives that will benefit you and your business.


  • [01:15] Melisa’s update
  • [02:00] Inspiration for this episode
    • [02:55] regret over Franken-Model businesses
  • [05:05] Episode agenda
  • [05:50] Companion resources
  • [07:45] What is a make-it-work business model?
    • [07:55] high-level definition
    • [08:34] example 1: providing client-specific pricing
    • [09:21] example 2: working outside standard business hours
    • [09:40] example 3: granting follow up engagements at outdated prices
  • [10:50] Why does this matter?
    • [11:25] Consequences of a make it work business model
      • [11:55] erodes business goals
      • [12:50] burn out
      • [13:25] under utilizing skill set
      • [13:45] hard to grow the business
  • [14:25] But Melissa…
    • [15:00] Create standards not a cookie-cutter business
  • [17:00] Root cause of a make it work business model
    • [17:45] mental model of a business
    • [18:20] fear-based thinking
  • [19:20] What to do about this
    • [19:42] Step 1: Identify where this is happening and what the impact is
    • [21:40] Step 2: List root cause of each scenario
    • [22:29] Step 3: Establish a plan to move forward


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