Episode 132 – The Path To $1M For The Independent Consultant

In today’s episode, Melisa outlines her five-step process to create a million-dollar consultancy. Generating one million in revenue might seem like a stretch, but becoming a million-dollar business owner is achievable with Melisa’s guidance and formula.  

Melisa’s path to one million dollars starts with a shift in mindset and ends with actionable ways to operationalize this process into your business. The main points addressed in this episode include the following:

  • The math behind a million-dollar consultancy
  • Shifting your business mindset to one of a million-dollar business owner
  • Melisa’s 5-step path to a million dollars in revenue
  • How to operationalize the path to one million dollars

Tune in to this week’s episode to learn how to reach $1,000,000 in revenue in your independent consulting business.


  • [01:41] Melisa’s inspiration for this episode
  • [07:00] Episode agenda
  • [08:00] Recommended companion resources
  • [09:40] The math behind a million-dollar consultancy
    • [10:10] Examples of a $1M consulting business service portfolio
      • Example #1: sell 4 retainers at $20,000/month
    • Example #2:
      • 2 retainer @ $12k per month
      • 12 “strategy maps” @ $30k (one per month)
      • 2 x 175k projects from those strategy maps
    • Example #3:
      • 5 x 100k research reports
      • 3 x $12k monthly retainers
  • [12:30] 5-Step path to $1,000,000
    • [12:34] Get into the headspace of a million dollar business owner
    • [18:42] Define your business model and mix of service offerings
    • [19:40] Establish a go-to-market strategy
    • [21:40] Identify and address blockers
    • [25:24] Consistently work this plan until you reach it
    • [28:20] Operationalizing the path


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  • Start by answering questions on the Independent Consultant Scalability Scorecard
  • Become a highly sought-after consultant by developing a powerful personal brand by leveraging your results of The Consultant’s Personal Branding Assessment
  • Questions to ask yourself to get into the headspace of a million-dollar business owner:
    • How are you thinking about your clients?
    • How are you thinking about the market?
    • How are you thinking about the way you are generating leads or the way you are selling services?
    • How are you deciding which clients to put on your roster and which clients you are going to refer to another consultant?
    • How are you thinking about the results that your clients achieve?
    • How are you thinking about the outcomes that you deliver to your clients?
    • How are you thinking about money in general?


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