️Episode 134 – Make The Most Of Q4 As An Independent Consultant

It’s common for independent consultants to struggle with landing new business in Q4. It is easy for independent consultants to fall into common Q4 traps such as end-of-year procrastination and throwing in the towel toward year-end.. Instead of actively engaging in this crucial time of year, they get tempted by the idea of a fresh start and focus on the new year. 

So, in today’s episode, Melisa explains how to make the most out of Q4 as an independent consultnat. She explains how to overcome negativity, shift to a productive mindset, and develop a strong plan to finish the year. 

The main points Melisa covers in this episode include:

  • Common Q4 thinking for independent consultants
  • How to avoid the common Q4 traps
  • How to look through the lens of a business owner instead of an employee
  • A framework to optimize Q4 results  

Tune in to this week’s episode to learn how to make the most out of Q4 as an independent consultant.


  • [01:30] Personal Update
  • [03:00] Intro Today’s Topic
  • [04:18] Companion Resource Recommendation – Consultant’s Yearly Business Plan
  • [05:25] Episode Agenda
  • [06:14] Common Q4 Thinking
    • [06:25] Corporate clients aren’t buying at year end
    • [06:46] It’s hard to juggle everything during busy season
    • [07:15] One foot in Q4, one in foot in next year
  • [08:10] How to Overcome the Mindset: Clients Aren’t Buying at Year End
    • [12:55] Tips to make the most of a shorter selling quarter
    • [09:08] Confirmation bias – how is this not true?
    • [12:00] It is true, so what?
  • [16:29] How to Overcome the Mindset: It’s Hard to Juggle Everything
    • What are the most impactful activities in your business?
    • How can I make sure those get done?
    • How can I make it more simple to get the result that I’m looking for?
    • [17:50] Stop thinking like an employee, start thinking like a business owner
    • [20:15] Questions to initiate business owner thinking
  • [22:30] Don’t Write Off Q4 and Rush into Next Year
    • [23:20] Examples of non-productive thinking
    • [24:17] Set up Q4 goals as a business owner
  • [25:00] Framework to Overcome Traps
    • [25:15] Identify which trap you are falling into
    • [26:50] Identify where you’re thinking as an employee instead of an owner
    • [27:17] Ask powerful business owner questions


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