️Episode 136 – Consulting Lead Generation Techniques That Are Working Now

Despite using similar strategies like networking, cold calling, or public speaking events, consultants can have vastly different results regarding lead generation. 

So why are some consultants so much more successful at building their pipeline than others?

In today’s episode, Melisa demystifies why lead generation is easy for some consultants but not others. She shares the difference in emotions, mindset, and skills of successful consultants versus those who feel challenged by outreach. Background, experience, and lead generation strategy do not impact the outcome. 

Follow Melisa’s framework and start successfully earning new business and maximizing your business’s potential. 

Tune in to gain insight on these critical topics:

  • Three differences that make consultants better at lead generation
  • Three client case studies
  • Questions to answer as a consultant and business to improve results
  • Actionable framework to use successful lead generation techniques

Are you ready to successfully bring in new client leads for your consultancy business? Listen to this episode to learn which lead generation techniques are working right now. 


  • [00:51] Inspiration for episode
  • [02:50] Companion resource: Consulting Offer Assessment
  • [04:20] Episode agenda
  • [05:10] Three differences that make consultants better at lead generation
    • [05:15] What strategies DON’T matter
    • [08:11] Difference #1: Belief that what you are doing will work
    • [08:26] Difference #2: Confidence to bring the client to the next step
    • [08:57] Difference #3: Ability to make a compelling invitation to the next step
    • [10:14] Don’t ignore the fundamentals
  • [14:53] Three specific case studies
    • [14:55] Belief it will work: posting on LinkedIn
      • [16:35] Consultant is skeptical and wants results before putting in effort
      • [17:40] Consultant is confident posts contain valuable and impactful information
    • [21:00] Confidence to move to next step: networking
      • [23:25] Consultant doesn’t want to waste client’s time by asking for a meeting
      • [24:59] Consultant knows another meeting will be valuable
    • [29:25] Compelling offer: cold outreach
      • [30:49] Consultant sends emails out of obligation & focuses on quantity of quality
      • [31:28] Consultant sends a personalized series of emails that targets needs of prospective lead
  • [34:45] Episode recap
  • [35:40] Questions to ask yourself about belief, confidence, and compelling invitation
    • [34:48] Belief: On a scale of 1-10 how strongly do I believe that my lead generation technique will work? What would make it a 10?
    • [36:15] Confidence: On a scale of 1-10 how confident are you when you propose the next step to a potential client? Why is it that number & what would make it a 10?
    • [36:35] Compelling invitation: How could you make your invitation for next steps more compelling and concrete?


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