️Episode 137 – You Are Not Your Consulting Business

As an independent consultant, it’s easy to blur the lines between your identity and your business. But here’s the truth: you are not your business, and your business is not you. 

Join Melisa in today’s episode as she delves into the critical distinction between the two and why it’s crucial for your professional success and well-being.

1. Understanding the Crucial Distinction: 

   – Delve into the mindset shift required to disentangle yourself from your consulting business. 

   – Discover the empowering effect of recognizing your business as a separate entity, allowing you to navigate setbacks with a clearer perspective.

2. The Pitfalls of Self-Identification with Business: 

   – Explore the hidden dangers of tying your personal identity too closely to your business. 

   – Uncover how this mindset can cloud your judgment and hinder your potential for growth and success.

3. Embracing the Business Owner’s Perspective: 

   – Learn actionable strategies to establish a healthy boundary between your personal and professional identity. 

   – Gain insights into Melisa’s three-part framework, designed to foster a productive business mindset while preserving your individuality.

Tune in to gain insight on these critical topics:

  • High-level definition of what it means to think you are your business
  • Obstacles and risks of not separating yourself from the business
  • Real client example
  • Two questions to ask yourself to see if you are falling into the trap
  • 3-part framework to identify, avoid, and redirect.

Are you ready to learn how to separate you from your business? Listen to this episode to hear Melisa’s actionable framework. 


  • [00:42] Personal Update
  • [03:39] Companion Resource: Coaching with Melisa 
  • [04:41] Episode Agenda
  • [06:04] What Does Melisa Mean “You Are Not Your Business”
  • [08:30] Client Example: Working with a Channel Partner
    • [14:18] Lack of success does not mean you are a bad consultant
    • [15:00] The crossroads: something is wrong with you vs. acknowledging situational differences
    • [16:46] Why this matters
  • [23:00] Questions to Help Implement into Your Business
    • [23:05] Where are you confusing or not separating yourself from the business?
    • [23:20] Where are you trying to prove something?
      • [23:45] 3 Examples
  • [25:40] 3-part Formula to Redirect
    • [27:07] Awareness
      • [27:17] Red flag warning signs
    • [28:04] Put your business owner hat on and question what you are doing
    • [28:14] Make a plan


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