Episode 162 – Transform Your Solo Consultancy into a Center of Excellence (COE)

Embracing the concept of your independent consulting business as a center of excellence can lead to a profound shift in your consulting business’s impact and growth. By positioning yourself as a premier expert in your field, you will attract ideal clients and solidify your reputation as the go-to person in the industry. 

In this episode, Melissa provides a comprehensive and highly practical framework that equips independent consultants with the necessary tools to transform a solo consultancy into a center of excellence. 

Drawing from real-life examples, Melisa explains the concept of a center of excellence and the tangible benefits of its implementation in an independent consulting business. Then, she shares six essential elements for establishing a thriving center of excellence, underscoring the importance of specialization, innovation, and thought leadership. 

Melisa concludes with a set of thought-provoking questions to help consultants kickstart the transformation of their consultancy into a center of excellence while highlighting potential pitfalls and offering practical strategies to foster a culture of excellence. By positioning yourself as a leading authority in your field and honing in on your niche and specialization, you have the potential to revolutionize your business operations and attract high-caliber clientele. 


  • [01:10] Inspiration for episode
  • [04:00] Episode agenda
  • [05:55] Companion resource
  • [07:36] What is a center of excellence?
    • [10:47] But Melisa…
    • [14:14] Examples of businesses who built a center of excellence
  • [18:07] Benefits of building a center of excellence
  • [22:25] 6 Elements of transforming your business as a center of excellence
    • [22:37] Clear specialization and focus
    • [23:30] Service offerings that meet unique needs of clients
    • [23:44] Specific tools you leverage to help clients get results
    • [24:22] Best practices from the perspective of an expert
    • [24:42] Take an innovation-based approach
    • [25:55] Thought leadership – where are you providing value
  • [27:00] How to start implementing this concept in your business
    • [28:15] Who do you want to be as the go-to person in your space?
    • [29:05] What are the characteristics of ideal clients?
    • [29:25] How do you help clients achieve excellence?
  • [30:25] Important caveat



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