Episode 164 – Thinking “I’m Behind” Is Dangerous for Your Independent Consulting Business

In this week’s episode of the “Grow Your Independent Consulting Business” podcast, host Melisa Liberman tackles a subtly dangerous mindset that plagues many independent consultants—the persistent sense of being “behind.” 

This episode dives deep into why this common feeling is not as harmless as it seems and can actually impede the progress and success of your independent consulting business.

Behind the Scenes Update: Melisa begins by sharing exciting news about the podcast’s evolution to include both video and audio formats, now accessible on platforms like YouTube and LinkedIn. This expansion is part of her commitment to reach more independent consultants and provide them with valuable tools and insights to grow their businesses.

Exploring the “I’m Behind” Mentality: Melisa explores what it meas to feel behind, such as not keeping up with revenue targets or lead generation routines. She explains how these feelings, while seeming factual, can lead to detrimental impacts on business decision-making and overall performance.

The Dangers of This Mindset: The episode highlights the risks associated with the “I’m behind” mentality, including the prioritization of busywork over impactful activities and decision-making based on feelings rather than facts. Melisa uses real-life examples from her work as a coach to independent consulting clients to illustrate how this mindset can lead to stress and suboptimal business outcomes.

Real-Life Coaching Insights: Through engaging anecdotes involving her clients, Melisa vividly illustrates how a shift in perspective from feeling behind to a more factual and controlled approach can dramatically improve both business operations and personal well-being.

Strategic Fixes and Solutions for the “I’m Behind” Mindset: In a segment dedicated to overcoming this harmful mindset, Melisa shares practical strategies that consultants can implement to shift their perspective. She emphasizes the importance of factual assessments over emotional reactions and introduces tools like the Consulting Business Health Assessment to help consultants objectively evaluate their business performance.

Conclusion and Call to Action: Melisa wraps up the episode by encouraging listeners to reassess their own perceptions of being behind and to utilize the episode’s insights to foster a healthier, more productive independent consulting practice. She reminds her audience that feeling behind is a common experience but managing this perception thoughtfully is key to sustainable success.


  • [00:00:24] – Inspiration for episode: Melisa discusses the dangers of feeling behind in your consulting business and its potential to halt your progress.
  • [00:04:39] – Episode agenda: Overview of what will be covered, including the danger of the “I’m behind” mindset, real-life examples, and solutions.
  • [00:05:49] – Companion resource: Melisa encourages taking the consulting business health assessment to gauge business health against 14 key performance indicators. Find it at icassessment.com.
  • [00:07:15] – Introduction to the main topic: Discussing the pervasive feeling of being behind and its implications.
  • [00:08:05] – ‘But Melisa…’: Addressing common excuses and rationalizations about feeling behind.
  • [00:10:13] – Examples of how feeling behind affects business decisions: Melisa shares stories from her coaching experiences highlighting the negative impact of this mindset.
  • [00:18:18] – Detailed discussion of mindset impacts: How the feeling of being behind can lead to poor decision-making and stress.
  • [00:20:04] – The fix for feeling behind: Melisa introduces mindset shifts and practical steps to overcome this barrier.
  • [00:23:35] – Summary of solutions and mindset changes: Reinforcement of new thought patterns and strategies for maintaining them.
  • [00:24:16] – Closing thoughts and call to action: Encouragement to use the business health assessment tool to continue improving your consulting practice.


  • Consulting Business Health Assessment: Melisa encourages listeners to take the Consulting Business Health Assessment to gauge their business’s health against 14 key performance indicators. This tool can provide a clear picture of where your business stands and what areas might need attention. Access it by clicking here. 


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