️Episode 002 – Making Time for Business Development as an Independent Consultant

Business development is a critical component to the growth and survival of your Independent Consulting company. Business development includes executing activities that create a pipeline of opportunities and a process to pitch, sell and close the work. 

Finding time for new business development can be difficult for many Independent Consultants. There always seems to be another priority or a pressing client deliverable. 

If you’re not making time to renew your pipeline, you are most likely stalling your growth and longevity. 

In this episode, I’ll share with you three concrete and practical strategies for finding time for business development, even if you are oversubscribed.

In this episode, we will discuss…

  • [03:35] The real reason we say we don’t have time
  • [06:03] Roadmap to create the time for business development
  • [06:22] How to determine what you already know, to work on your business efficiently
  • [09:50] Scheduling time for business development, making a no-fail plan
  • [11:00] How to use the 4×3 RAM Method to create your business development plan
  • [13:32] Being consistent with your business development strategy




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