️Episode 062 – The 6 C’s That Create More Money With More Ease In An IC Business

Last week we discussed what’s standing in the way of you making more money in your consulting business. If you haven’t done so as yet, you’ll want to go back and listen to EP. 061 – What’s Standing In the Way of You Making More Money With Less Worry In Your Consulting Business. To summarize, the main thing that’s standing in your way of making more money in your consulting business is the way you’re thinking about your business and your potential clients.

If you’re ready to do the work of purposefully and intentionally replacing the former corporate employee mindset in order to become the business owner version of yourself that you desire, then this episode is for you.

In this episode, I will explain how you can adjust your thinking by sharing with you the six thought components, the six C’s, that you’ll want to develop and optimize as an independent consulting business owner. When you improve these six areas of your independent business owner thinking you’ll be more confident, capable, and in command as a business owner.

Listen in to learn the steps to go put this work into place so that you can start making more money, doubling your revenue, and ultimately working less with more flexibility.

  • [00:29] A special episode intro from my 8-year old son and business assistant Maverick
  • [02:22] Check out the IC Business Predictability Assessment: https://www.ic-scorecard.com
  • [02:49] The formula to double your revenue
  • [06:07] Thought component 1 of 6 : Clarity
  • [12:23] Thought component 2 of 6 : Commitment
  • [16:43] Thought component 3 of 6 : Connection
  • [22:27] Thought component 4 of 6 : Certainty
  • [25:36] Thought component 5 of 6 : Competence
  • [29:07] Thought component 6 of 6 : Capacity
  • [34:15] A special episode outro from my 8-year old son and business assistant Maverick



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