️Episode 063 – Turning Down Consulting Opportunities

Having opportunities approach you, as an independent consulting business owner, can be exciting but also really difficult when it comes to making the best decision for you and your business.

And, by opportunities I mean everything from new consulting client engagements, client extensions, client follow-on work, consulting partnering opportunities, teaming, and so on.

So, how do you know which consulting opportunities to take on, and which opportunities to decline?

I’m glad you asked because, in this episode, I will walk you through a process that I like to use both for myself and for my clients. It’s a 5-part framework that will help you to figure out whether or not to turn down an opportunity. And if you are going to turn down a consulting opportunity, how to do that without burning a bridge or feeling regret.

Listen in to learn the five questions that you’re going to want to ask yourself so you can decide if you’re going to turn down an opportunity or not. 

Then I’ll give you a couple of case study examples so you can see how this framework is applied in practice. 

And finally, if you decide to say no, I’ll help with messaging around that so you can say no without burning a bridge or feeling regret.

  • [00:29] Welcome back to the podcast
  • [01:23] Today’s agenda
  • [03:13] The inspiration for today’s episode
  • [10:06] The Framework: 5 questions you should ask yourself to determine if you should decline an opportunity
    • Category #1 – Test the opportunity against your business model:
      • [10:36] Is this opportunity aligned with your business plan?
      • [12:00] If this was for someone else’s business, what would you recommend?
    • Category #2 – Ask your future self:
      • [12:47] As a highly sought-after consultant who’s exceeding your $ goals and has a lot of flexibility, would you say yes?
    • Category #3 – Check in with how you’re feeling:
      • [14:10] Pressured? Forced?
      • [14:10] Calm? Self-assured?
    • Category #4 – Be honest with yourself – what’s your inner dialogue?
      • [15:59] Is any of this an “I should”
      • [15:59] People-pleasing? (I don’t want to let them down)
    • Category #5 – Make it earn its spot
      • [18:03] Most of us ask, how can I make this work and we figure it out. We’re resourceful!
        • What will you gain by giving this opportunity a spot?
        • What will you lose?
  • [20:26] Example #1: A case study of the framework in practice
  • [25:22] Example #2: A case study of the framework in practice
  • [30:44] Sample messaging if you decide to say no to an opportunity
  • [35:05] Check out the IC Business Predictability Assessment: https://www.ic-scorecard.com




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