Episode 090 – Corporate Retreat for the Independent Consultant

In last week’s episode, I gave you a little teaser that I was going to share something with you this week that I had planned for my business. 
Well, I did it and it was an incredible game changer for me and I know for sure it will be for you as well. So I cannot wait to dive into this week’s conversation and tell you all about it, which is having a corporate retreat as an independent consultant.
I have support in place to help my business run smoothly such as a virtual assistant, and podcast producer but I don’t have a business partner or anyone who helps create the future vision for my business; that’s all on me as the Founder & CEO. This may not be the standard definition of a corporation but the practice of having a corporate retreat is very important and impactful for your business.
So in this episode, I will share my experience with having a corporate retreat for my business, why you should have one for your independent consulting business, what not to do when you have one and strategies that you can leverage to schedule, host, attend and take value from your own corporate retreat.
Key points in this episode:

  • [00:36] Last weeks’ sneak peek revealed
  • [03:00] Today’s agenda
  • [03:39] Check out the Independent Consultants Corporate Retreat Checklist https://www.melisaliberman.com/retreat-checklist
  • [05:10] Why you should have a corporate retreat
  • [11:59] My experience going on my own corporate retreat
    • [12:07] Why I decided to have a corporate retreat
    • [16:29] Planning my corporate retreat
    • [18:59] Establishing objectives for my corporate retreat
    • [29:01[ The results and the lessons learned from my corporate retreat
  • [32:33] Strategies that you can leverage to schedule, host, attend and take value from your own corporate retreat
  • [34:25] Episode recap

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