️Episode 091 – Using Microskills to Improve as an Independent Consulting Business Owner

With the end of 2022 rapidly approaching, you have most likely started to conduct your year-end business review and strategic planning for the year ahead. 
If you find that your business is not hitting the goals or giving you the fulfillment, joy, and value you want to be experiencing then I encourage you to tune in to this episode.
I’ve been working on a capabilities map as a tool for my clients, and from this effort this concept of micro-skills was born. It has been so valuable for my clients in making it easier to be a successful business owner, and I want to share it with you.
You will learn how to identify gaps in your processes and put a plan in place to fill in those gaps so that you can intentionally create the results you want to see in your business.
Listen in as I share 

  • what these micro-skills are, 
  • a three-step framework that you can use to select your chosen micro-skill, 
  • what to do after you have made your selection, and 
  • some real-life examples of how this concept works in practice 

so that you can do it in a very doable, non-overwhelming way that builds up this foundation, month over month, quarter over quarter to transform your business. 

In the episode, I shared several examples of micro-skills. I also promised to give you more here in the show notes. Here is a list of micro-skills for you:

The micro-skill to become an expert at

  1. Converting networking events into potential opportunities
  2. Converting virtual networking events into opportunities
  3. Selling a new, higher price
  4. Creating referrals from existing and past clients
  5. Quantifying the value in the sales cycle
  6. Proposing follow-on work to current clients
  7. Booking speaking opportunities
  8. Nurturing relationships to create opportunities
  9. Feeling confident when selling 
  10. Selling advisory-type work
  11. Managing scope creep
  12. Sticking to a consistent lead generation process for 30 minutes/business day
  13. Transitioning into a 4-day workweek
  14. Stick to the planned work week versus being reactionary to other people’s demands
  15. Completely shut off business on the weekend
  16. Master hosting executive roundtables
  17. Adding 100 ideal potential clients to an email list
  18. Building relationships with decision-makers
  19. Think of myself as a peer/expert (vs. a vendor or subordinate)
  20. Create referrals from existing network
  21. Create a backlog or waitlist of work
  22. Creating a bench of subcontractors
  23. Hiring subs
  24. Onboarding subs effectively
  25. Create capacity by hiring and effectively delegating to an Executive Assistant
  26. Delegating client-facing work to others
  27. Improve setting the next step in the sales process
  28. Invoice actuals vs. negotiating with myself
  29. See myself as a $1M business owner

And to help you effectively implement these micro-skills, I have created two resources that you can use to gain clarity as you build out business plans for the upcoming year: 

  1. Check out the Yearly Planning Process Workbook For Independent Consultants https://www.melisaliberman.com/plan 
  2. Check out the Independent Consultants Corporate Retreat Checklist https://www.melisaliberman.com/retreat-checklist

 Key points in this episode:

  • [01:52] Check out the Yearly Planning Process Workbook For Independent Consultants https://www.melisaliberman.com/plan 
  • [03:55] Today’s agenda
  • [04:32] What are microskills
  • [16:29] What a microskills is not
  • [17:08] 3-Step framework to select and hone your chosen microskill

                        1. Choose and understand why you’re choosing only one or two micro skills to focus on for the next 90 days.
                        2. Really commit to yourself that no matter what, you’re going to focus on those micro skills that you selected for the next 90 days or until you master them.
                        3. Make a very specific plan for how you’re going to implement this, what success looks like, anticipate what the obstacles will be and your plan for those.

  • [22:33] 2 examples of microskills
  • [32:05] Episode recap



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