Episode 092 – Assessing Your Business Year (Part 1 of Planning for Independent Business Success series))

Business planning is such a hot topic at this time of the year as we prepare to turn the calendar over and welcome in a new year.

And so over the next five weeks, I’m going to be sharing the formula you can use to plan for independent business success. I’m going to walk you through a five part process that you can use to plan for the best year you’ve ever had in your independent consulting business. 

This process will be broken down into bite-sized pieces, so that you can implement it in between episodes and really step into January with a fully comprehensive plan for you to have the most success in 2023.

This week, we’re going to review all five steps of this process and then take a deep dive into step one, assessing this past year to better understand where you are in your business right now. 

Key points in this episode:

  • [00:29] Planning for your  independent business success
  • [02:17] An overview of the five step process for independent business success  (The Repeatable Goal-Achieving Framework)
    • Step 1: Assessing this past year
    • Step 2: Set your big goals
    • Step 3: Break down those big goals within several dimensions
    • Step 4: Plan ahead for obstacles
    • Step 5: Establish a follow through system
  • [06:08] Today’s Agenda (A deep dive into step #1: Assessing this past year)
  • [07:45] Download the Yearly Planning Process Workbook For Independent Consultants 
  • [08:32] Click here to book your free 20-minute IC Planning Review Call 
  • [10:36] Why are these assessments important
  • [16:46] An example for why are these assessments important
  • [23:21]The eight best topics that you’ll want to assess for your business
    • Question 1 – Did you hit your 2022 revenue goal?
    • Question 2 -Did you take all the time off you planned(daily, weekly, for the year)?
    • Question 3 -On a scale of 1-10, how fulfilled were you?
    • Question 4 – What were your wins for this past year?
    • Question 5 – What were your setbacks and disappointments?
    • Question 6 -What went well?
    • Question 7 – What didn’t go well?
    • Question 8 – What will you do differently?
  • [26:36] The three best questions you can be asking yourself and from what vantage point you would want to be asking yourself
    • Why?
    • Why Not?
    • What’s the Impact?
  • [27:30] Episode recap



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