️Episode 105 – Effective Value Propositions for the Independent Consultant

For independent consultants, a value proposition is the phrase or words you’re using to communicate three things:

  • how you help your ideal consulting clients solve a problem they care about solving
  • how you help them achieve a goal they care about achieving
  • through the lens of your unique approach. 

What I’ve noticed is that most independent consultants either avoid or overcomplicate value propositions because value propositions can feel confusing, complicated, or impossible to get right. Without a clear and compelling value proposition, you can be leaving a lot of money on the table and also making your consulting business harder than it needs to be.

Depending on where you are in your business and what your goals are, there are several reasons why you want to have a value proposition. 

And so today, I want to walk you through how to strengthen your consulting value proposition at any stage you are in your consulting business as a way to

increase the effectiveness of 

  • the conversations you’re having, 
  • of your online presence, 
  • of the way you’re positioning yourself, 
  • of the way you’re standing out in the marketplace, and 

ultimately lead to an independent consulting business where you’re sought after for what you do.

Key points in this episode

  • [01:04] How the topic of value proposition shows up for my clients  
  • [03:10] Take the IC Business Scalability Scorecard
  • [03:54] Today’s agenda 
  • [04:49] The Basics
    • [05:08] What is an IC value proposition?
    • [06:21] Why have a value proposition?
    • [10:22] Three types of value proposition and examples
      • [10:52] Conversational Version
      • [14:25] Headline Version
      • [15:10] Longer Version
    • [16:23] The five elements of a value proposition and examples
      • Make it clear
      • Make it specific
      • Make it results oriented
      • Make it about the ideal client
      • Make your differentiators unique
  • [20:53] Blockers
    • [21:08] Too broad
    • [23:16] Too jaygon-y
    • [26:11] Thinking the value proposition is make or break
  • [29:08] 11 strategies for improving your value proposition
    • [29:32] Conversational strategies
      • Remember the point of the value proposition–it isn’t going to sell or pitch anything
      • Don’t be weird trying to “get it right”
      • Don’t undercut and constrain yourself trying to be humble
      • Evaluate & iterate after each use
      • Use storytelling/examples to bring it to life.
    • [33:54] Written strategies
      • Headspace driven by–there are clients out there who want my expertise and help
      • Talk to one person–your ideal client
      • Ask “so what”, why does _______ matter?
      • Uncover and emphasize your uniqueness
      • Marketing is testing & experimentation–you’ll never be done. Have fun with tweaking it as you learn more
      • Look at your personality as a differentiator
  • [42:03] 11 questions to help you strengthen your value proposition
    • Desires
      • What are my ideal client’s goals?
      • What does my ideal client want to achieve but doesn’t think is possible?
      • What will be different when they achieve this goal?
      • Why does my ideal client care about solving this goal?
    • Pains
      • What does my ideal client struggle with?
      • Why haven’t they been able to solve/achieve this themselves?
      • Why does my ideal client care about solving these problems and what are the ultimate impacts for them?
    • Differentiators
      • Why am I the best person to help my ideal client achieve this goal?
      • Why am I the best person to help my ideal client fix this pain point?
      • What companies and products compete with me to provide this for the customer? (internal and external)
      • What sets my brand apart from those competitors?
  • [42:53] Three next steps to put this episode in to action



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