️Episode 129 – How to Generate Leads for Your Consulting Advisory Retainers

Today’s episode is a continuation of the conversation I started a few weeks ago, in episode 126, about how to add advisory retainers to your consulting practice.

By offering retainers, consultants can create recurring, high-profit, and consistent revenue for their business. 

Unfortunately, there’s a misconception that selling advisory retainers is difficult, so it’s common that consultants delay, procrastinate, or even defer the steps to pursue consulting retainer clients.

In today’s episode, I’m helping you break down the process to land consulting retainer clients so you can take the next step, which is generating a pipeline of consulting retainer leads.

By the end of this episode, you will have a solid plan in place to start building out a pipeline of consulting retainer clients. 

Key topics of discussion include:

  • Prerequisites to create demand for advisory retainer offers
  • Simple ways to make a lead generation plan
  • Three real client examples
  • Four common blockers to success
  • An actionable framework to put this plan in place

Tune in to this week’s episode to learn how to generate leads for your consulting advisory retainers and start earning recurring, high-profit revenue for your business.


  • [02:32] Melisa Personal Update
  • [05:10] Episode Agenda
  • [06:20] Companion Resources
  • [08:30] Prerequisites to Create Demand for Advisory Retainer Offers
    • [08:53] #1: What is your valuable retainer offer?
    • [10:15] #2: Specify clearly what your goal is
    • [13:00] #3: Cultivate a valuable mindset
  • [15:00] Create a Lead Generation Plan
    • [15:19] Approach #1: add on retainers as an option as you propose new engagements
    • [16:15] Approach #2: leverage advisory work as a follow-up offer
    • [18:15] Approach #3: develop stand-alone retainer offerings
  • [19:25] 3 Real Client Examples
    • [19:35] Client was constantly getting calls from previous colleagues are asking for advice
    • [22:10] Offering an advisory retainer to a past client
    • [23:45] Networking with a purpose of building awareness
  • [26:35] 4 Blockers to Being Successful
    • [26:45] #1 the way you think about yourself
    • [29:32] #2 thoughts about the quality of the retainer you are offering
    • [30:35] #3 thoughts about potential client
    • [31:53] #4 thoughts about lead generation as a process
  • [34:25] Framework to Put Into Action
    • [34:39] start with prerequisites
    • [35:10] create a hypothesis on lead generation
    • [36:04] purposefully cultivate lead generation mindset
    • [36:55] guiding questions to help
      • Who are the most likely top 10 retainer clients that I already know?
      • What outcome would each of those 10 companies, that I just identified for retainer advisory work, want to achieve? Why would a retainer make sense for them?
      • How am I thinking now and how do I want to start reframing to open up my creativity to start thinking about building a pipeline for advisory consulting work?



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