️Episode 130 – The Surprising Reason To Build a Virtual Talent Bench for Your Independent Consulting Business

Consistently working on your lead generation pipeline is an essential strategy for independent consultants to grow their business. 

But how do you eliminate that fear of getting additional work requests when you are already at capacity? It’s time to build a virtual talent bench.

In today’s episode, I explain what a virtual talent bench is and how creating one can change your business in an impactful way. Imagine what it would be like to have already vetted resources for referrals, outsourcing, and supplementing client requests. That is the magic of a virtual talent bench! Knowing you have these options will unblock your lead generation pipeline, resulting in more consistent work, limitless growth strategies, and an improved quality of work for your client. 

Key topics of today’s discussion about establishing a virtual talent bench include:

  • What is a virtual talent bench?
  • Why should you create a virtual bench?
  • Five components of a successful virtual talent bench
  • Easy steps to get started

Tune in to this week’s episode to learn why virtual talent benches are important, how to create one for your business, and tips to leverage this bench to achieve your business goals.


  • [01:00] Melisa Business Update
  • [04:55] Intro to Today’s Topic
  • [05:55] Episode Agenda
  • [06:23] Companion Resource – Independent Consultant’s Scalability Assessment
  • [07:30] What is a Virtual Talent Bench?
    • [07:33] Formal definition
    • [08:44] Purpose of virtual talent bench
  • [09:40] Why Have a Virtual Talent Bench?
    • [10:16] Reason #1: It gives you options
      • [10:25] List of assets to help complete a project
      • [11:20] Referral options when you are at capacity
    • [13:00] Reason #2: Helps unblock being consistent with your lead generation
      • [14:00] Removes fear of not being able to take on new project
  • [18:15] 5 Components of a Successful Virtual Talent Bench
    • [18:24] #1: What is my desired skill mix?
    • [19:58] #2: Define selection criteria
    • [21:06} #3: Establish what scenario(s) would you bring someone on as a sub?
    • [22:32] #4: Identify resources and build and nurture relationships
    • [23:10] #5: Treat the virtual talent bench like its own pipeline
  • [25:18] Steps to get started
    • [25:28] Step #1: Where is the lack of a virtual talent bench impacting your business?
    • [27:30] Step #2: Set a specific goal for your virtual talent bench
    • [29:07] Step #3: Add virtual talent bench pipeline into your business owner routine


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