Episode 148 – Overcoming A Thought Leadership Block

In this episode, Melisa delves into the important concept of thought leadership, shedding light on the challenges independent consultants face when integrating it into their businesses.

For independent consultants business owners, thought leadership serves as a strategic tool, allowing consultants to showcase expertise, make a lasting impression on clients, and attract promising leads. However, maintaining a consistent thought leadership strategy proves to be a hurdle for many independent consultants.

Melisa offers a practical and comprehensive framework for independent consultants to adopt thought leadership as a sustainable brand-building and revenue-generation tool. She provides relatable examples for consultants at various stages of their thought leadership journey, catering to beginners and those making sporadic efforts. 

Her pragmatic five-step framework empowers consultants by establishing clear goals, addressing root causes of inaction, using impactful questions, and creating a robust plan for sustained thought leadership.

This episode is your go-to playbook for boosting your consulting brand. 

Listen in as Melisa dives into a sustainable thought leadership plan that works. Help your ideal clients, leave an impression, and make sure they think of you when they need your expertise.


  • [00:15] Introduction to today’s topic
  • [02:23] Agenda
  • [05:22] What is thought leadership?
    • [06:09] Ways to demonstrate thought leadership
  • [08:05] Why does this matter?
  • [10:08] Example #1: you haven’t started a thought leadership pillar in your business
    • [10:55] Identify the concern
    • [13:18] How to build out a solution
    • [15:43] Real client example
  • [23:19] Example #2: you’ve started a thought leadership pillar, but you’re stuck
    • [24:14] Addressing fear & judgment
    • [25:05] Solutions based on root cause
    • [25:25] Melisa personal example
      • [28:47] Questions to get passed resistance
  • [31:33] 5-Step process to leverage in your business
    • [31:42] What is your thought leadership goal?
    • [32:40] Why haven’t you pursued or achieved that goal yet?
    • [33:28] Identify root cause
    • [34:08] Ask powerful questions
    • [34:29] Pull everything into a plan
  • [28:26] Episode recap
  • Companion resources to help you put today’s episode into action


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